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  • Remember.....

    Responsible pet ownership does not depend on the monetary value of the animal, measured by the purchase price. It is the fulfillment of an unwritten contract you enter when you decide to own a living creature that will depend entirely on you for its well-being.- Judith Bell, DVM, PhD

  • Spay & Neuter

    There is absolutely no good reason to not spay/neuter your pet. The benefits to you & your pet are enormous. Do you want to deal with aggressiveness, bleeding, pyometra, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer (both male & female), testicular cancer, prostatitis, or unwanted litters? Prevention is the best medicine!

    Make the right choice & help prevent the 4 million homeless pet euthanasias a year!


  • Pet Memorials

    Memorial Candle
    This candle is lit for all those that are gone but never forgotten!